My Art Process – About My Father’s Death

It’s been over 6 months since my father passed away.  He was a musician.  He wore other hats too like we all do but his core, his passion was playing the piano.  That’s who he really was.  He expressed himself, used his voice the most effortlessly through playing the piano.  It’s been hard to grieve that loss and to continue moving forward.  Through all of this I actually am learning more about myself and how much being an artist is so important to me.  That it’s not separate from me.  I am an artist.  That’s who I really am.  I use my voice through creating my art.

Painting of a junko on a branch

©2014 Carol Gilman

Why I Create Art – My Process as an Artist

Why do I create art?  What a big question that is.  I guess it has always been something I enjoyed doing.  I majored in art.  It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I started to give myself permission to use my voice.  Part of that process was to use my voice in my art.  In the last couple of years I began using birds and trees in my art.  I thought that I had it all figured out at the beginning of the year deciding that I am a bird artist.  Then digging deeper for a class that I am taking through the Abundant Artist and verbalizing my thoughts with my poet husband, I saw that I’m not a bird artist.  I am an artist who currently likes to use birds, trees, nature, etc to express my thoughts.  My paintings are reflection of what I am feeling and thinking and going through.  My paintings are more stylized which is because I now just draw and paint quickly shapes to represent real things.  This leaves more room to tell a story, for the viewer to see a story.

Sketch of a robin by Carol Gilman

Painting of Change – My Evolution as an Artist

I created this painting as part of an assignment I had for a class on content marketing through The Abundant Artist.  The assignment asked us to share our process of creating something – showing stages of the painting but also sharing our process of why we create what we create.  Here are my thoughts that I wrote down about my process, my evolution of an artist and how this painting of change reflects who I am which is also who I am as an artist.  I thought that I had everything figured out but am finding that I continue to dig deeper.

Painting of birds in the forest trees by artist Carol Gilman

© 2015 Carol Gilman

I wanted this painting to reflect where I am right now.  I use my art express where I am and where I want to be.  When I am creating my art it is tapping in to my voice, my imagination, my hopes, my dreams, who I am.  This painting talks about change.  The birds can represent being around change – leaves growing – or waiting expectantly and with hope for other changes.  The birds are ready for this change.  They are getting ready to take off.  Maybe that is where I am.  Ready to take off, ready for a nice change.  Ready for growth.  Ready to fly.  I think that is why I paint pictures of seasons because there is always a change, growth, death, life.  I like to paint in my style and to see my style evolve, to change, to become more loose.  I love to use my imagination, to tell stories, and let the viewer also look for their own stories in my work.  Use my voice and help others to use theirs.  4/7/2015

Poet Guy Farmer on Radio Show Tomorrow

Poet Guy Farmer whose poems are featured in my poetry paintings will be interviewed tomorrow on the Chip Evans Show about his social justice poetry.  Tune at 2:30pdt online at or on 99.1 FM (Northern Nevada)

Only Choice by Guy Farmer