Carol Gilman

Autumnal Equinox One-Day Sale September 22nd

To celebrate the changing seasons I’m holding an Autumnal Equinox One-Day Sale this Thursday, September 22nd in my online Store.  Each item will be marked down 10% one day only.

Mark your calendars, set your clocks, and bookmark my Store page for this calvalcade of spectaculars one-day sale 🙂

Painting of a Green Bird sitting on a branch by artist Carol Gilman

Green Bird Sitting on a Branch Print sale price $56.70 (regular price $63.00)

Also visit my other website Chattering Birds Garden where I am holding the same one-day sale in the Garden Gift Shop!

Bird Cushions

Bird Cushions are the lovely zinnias that have lots of fluffly petals that create just the right amount of coziness and comfiness for birdies to sit on.  Bird Cushions are available in a variety of colors and each one is unique.  They are a great place to take a rest, to fluff feathers, and to even munch on the flower seeds.  Drawings of different designs are for sale in my store.

Drawing of a bird sitting on a blue flower by Carol GilmanDrawing of a yellow bird sitting on a orange flower by artist Carol GilmanA drawing of a bird sitting on a flower