Art Explorations Mixed-Media Classes Begin Soon

Arts for All Nevada’s Art Explorations Mixed-Media classes begin soon.  I love teaching these classes where students explore their creativity and grow as artists while trying out different materials each week.  Click her to sign-up.

Art Explorations at Lake Mansion begins September 16th.

Art Explorations at the Larry D Johnson Center begins September 24th.

Art BLAST Exhibit

Stopped by the City of Reno McKinely Arts and Culture Center today to view the Art BLAST Exhibit.  I’m so fortunate to have my paintings displayed alongside such talented artists.  My painting is next door to the Reno Chamber Orchestra’s Office!  Here are a couple of photos.

Watercolor painting of a gentle stream with birds by artist Carol Gilman

“Gentle Stream” by Carol Gilman

2015 Visual Art BLAST Exhibit

West Gallery Artists