Paintings in My Collector’s Home

It is always so wonderful to see where my paintings are in my collector’s homes.  These two paintings are located in a special place in this remodeled kitchen where the family enjoys gathering and sharing stories with family and friends.

Carol Gilmans paintings of birds in collectors home.

© 2015 Carol Gilman

Life is Fleeting and the Birds Are Leaving

On my Bird Blog I share sketches and thoughts about the birds I see outside which are the beginnings of my creative process.  Today I am reminded that life is fleeting and the birds that I enjoyed for months or weeks are leaving, are gone.  The birds, nature, the natural world remind me of change, of transitions, of impermanence.  I wake-up expecting to see the same birds but notice that I no longer see Mr. Robin and the Helmet Heads.  Mr. Robin who would follow me along the fence up to my door to be fed raisins is probably in another yard and the Helmet Heads have flown away for the season to enjoy water and seeds in someone else’s yard.  I am sad to see they are gone but I remind myself that they live on through my art where I use the birds and natural world to communicate deeper messages that we all share about transitions, beauty, life and joy.

Sketch of a robin by Carol Gilman

©2015 Carol Gilman

Sketch of birds during the Great Backyard Bird Count

©2015 Carol Gilman

Looking Through a Window

One way to think about my art is to imagine that you are looking through a window at a moment in time outside.  It’s like this magical gift to be able to be a part of what’s going on before it changes.   I use my imagination to set-up or create little scenarios of what is seen at that time whether it is a painting of one bird sitting and listening on a branch or a group of birds chattering away under their umbrellas during the rain.  They are all telling a story.

Looking at a bird sitting on a Branch

©2014 Carol Gilman

Winter Season

There is something peaceful and calm about falling snow in the forest.  I try to capture a quiet moment for contemplation in my winter season paintings.  I think it’s kinda of magical to peek in on the birds and watch them rest and contemplate the quietness.

Winter Forest Painting with Birds

© 2015 Carol Gilman