“Escaping”, A New Collage in the Store

When you look at this collage, picture yourself standing at the edge of the forest looking in to see your friend leaping through the trees.  She will soon join you by your side, relieved that both you of you are together and ready for the next part of the journey. This collage is from my Out of the Forest series.

I cut each of my paper pieces free hand.  I have something in mind and look for papers that have the essence of what I would like to talk about.  The patterns, textures, and colors of the papers sometimes give me new ideas or speak to me on how they would like to be shaped and cut.  I usually arrange all of them first before I glue them on the paper but I am not precise when I do make the final placement.

Collage of trees and a person by artist Carol Gilman
© 2016 Carol Gilman “Escaping”

This collage is 8″ x 10″ and is for sale in my store.  Prints as a mixed set of note cards are also available.

Story About My Collage “A Way Out, It’s Becoming More Clear”

My theme that I am using in these current collages have to do with seeing the way out of the forest, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I call it my “Out of the Forest” series. The forest is a peaceful place to be, a place to take time to learn and grow.  But outside the forest the journey continues and seeing the light at the edge of the forest is exciting.  The ray of light in this collage meanders through the trees.  The trees remind me of people expressing themselves.

Collage of Trees with a ray of light by Carol Gilman
© 2016 Carol Gilman “A Way Out”

This collage is for sale in my online store.  I also have this collage printed as note cards.  Check out the mixed set of note cards here.

Story About my Collage, Bright Path

Collage of Trees along a stream by Carol Gilman
© 2016 Carol Gilman Bright Path Collage

Lately I am exploring light and coming out of the darkness.  In this collage I used a yellow path surrounded by trees.  The path provides a way out of the forest and provides support and nourishment for the trees to thrive.  All growth begins in the path and then the trees spread the peace throughout the forest.  I call this series “Out of the Forest”.

Available for sale in my store.